German Biogas CHP plant to re-open under Weltec ownership

A decommissioned biogas combined heat and power plant in Germany is set to resume, following its acquisition by Weltec Biopower.

Nordmethan GmbH, a subsidiary of Weltec, purchased the plant in Falkenhagen, Brandenburg.

Following technical and administrative restructuring and modernisation, the currently biogas plant is expected to resume operations towards the end of 2016. When re-activated, the plant with its five digesters, five post-digesters, five digestate storage units and six combined heat and power plant will generate 3.3 MW of electricity. The power will be fed into the public power grid, and the exhaust heat from the CHP plant is to be used for the digestate drying process.
Weltec Biopower Falkenhagen facility
The plant had been built in 2007 and commissioned in 2008. Until 2015, the plant was operated by various owners. By means of renovation investments totalling about €2à‚ million, the WELTEC Group wants to re-enable profitable operation. Among other things, the restructuring measures comprise the replacement of all solid matter input systems and a general overhaul of the six CHP plants.

All tank roofs are to be replaced, and the mixer technology is to be serviced and replaced if necessary. Moreover, the pumps will be replaced, control technology modernised, and three dryers will be repaired.

Jens Albartus, Director of WELTEC BIOPOWER said, “The biogas plant features a concept that we can build on”.

One of the reasons for the purchase was that due to Nordmethan’s nearby biomethane plant, and the company has long-standing contacts with local farmers. As a result, it was easy to find regional partners to supply substrates ” primarily maize silage and pig manure ” for the Falkenhagen site.

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