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Geneva International Airport goes solar

SRB Energy has supplied solar thermal panels to develop a renewable energy system at Geneva International Airport in Switzerland.

SRB is a spin-off company formed by Grupo Segura and Benvenuti.

The rooftop of the main terminal building of the airport will be installed with around 300 units of high-temperature solar panels.

These panels have evolved from vacuum technology that has been developed at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, for fundamental physics.

The new generation of solar panels will be deployed to keep the buildings cool during summer and warm in the winter.

The vacuum technology offers superior insulation to heat chambers of the panels, thus minimizing heat loss and enhancing efficiency.

The panels can efficiently recover the energy generated by diffused light when compared to traditional panels. These benefits make the panels ideal for less sunny, colder climates, where traditional panels are less efficient.

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