Orta Solar has announced that it has successfully completed the construction of a 50 kW solar PV system next to the main runway at Gatwick Airport.

This is a UK first – no other UK airport has solar power generation on-site, let alone within 150 metres of the runway.
Gatwick Airport new on site solar power system
Both the Civil Aviation Authority and the National Air Traffic Service were involved and consulted extensively to ensure that issues surrounding ground radar and potential glare were not a problem to the Airport’s safe operation.

Gatwick’s Sustainability Manager Joe Attwood said, “For a long time Gatwick Airport Ltd has been working hard to increase its sustainability and adding 100 per cent carbon free electricity generation into our operations is a positive step. Although only at the 50kW trial stage at present, the system will save 25 tonnes of CO2 on our operational carbon footprint per annum.”

The PV system is a forerunner to Gatwick’s longer term ambition to further reduce its carbon footprint by a combination of measures including on-site power generation.

A site has already been identified for a much larger solar PV system and Orta Solar says it is working step by step with the Gatwick team to bring that project to reality.

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