A 255 kW biogas plant is to be commissioned in Mirecourt, in the Lorraine region of France, to supply heat to a psychiatric hospital.

The hospital (pictured) is located 1 km from a biogas CHP plant being constructed by a local farmer, Nicolas Jacquot. A cultivated area of 375 ha and 850 cattle allow the farm to produce all the raw materials it needs from a feedstock mix of cattle manure, maize silage, crop dust, straw, grass, fruit pomace, flotation grease and food leftovers – to the tune of 28 tonnes per day.

A heat network and heat transfer project is currently under construction and a 10-year heat supply contract has been agreed between the Jacquot family and the clinic.

The Méthavigne project is being developed by a partnership of Domaix Energie and German manufacturer Weltec Biopower.

‘With the exhaust heat from the plant, our institution will be able to cover its entire hot water needs starting from the commissioning in October 2015,’ says Hervé Buffe, technical manager of the Centre Hospitalier Ravenel of the Département Vosges.

‘This partnership between a public hospital and a private farm is probably one of the first of this type in Lorraine or even in all of France. A key aspect for us is that this concept enables us to cut our total gas consumption by 7%,’ he added.