Nov. 6, 2000—Naps has signed agreements on a total of 18 solar power systems to be installed in the provinces of Qinghai and Shanxi in China.

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), which is part of the Chinese oil ministry, will build a 500-km-Iong gas pipe in the province of Qinghai. This is one of this year’s most significant gas pipe projects in China. Along the length of the pipe, there will be 14 telecommunication stations, operated by solar power, for controlling and monitoring the operation of the gas pipe, e.g. the gas flow and temperature. There will also be enough energy for cathodic protection, which prevents the pipe from rusting.

Naps will also deliver four large solar power systems to Shanxi Electric Power Bureau in the province of Shanxi. The solar power will act as an auxiliary system for the energy maintenance of the electricity network monitoring stations.

Both project deliveries will take place before the end of the year. They will include over 1,100 50-watt panels and 18 system controllers especially designed for professional use, with Chinese-language remote control software.

China aims to promote the use of renewable energy sources. Naps has a strong market position in the Chinese oil and gas pipe projects. China is one of the most important target countries of Naps, and its largest projects have been implemented in China.

Naps Systems Oy is part of Fortum. Naps is focusing its development and research work on system development, which supports its core business operations. Systems already on the market are sold under the NAPS and SolarPower brands. Naps has an extensive selection of products for sites beyond the electrical network, e.g., for industrial needs in telecommunication and meteorological stations) for remote health centres in developing countries, and for summer cottages and boats.