EPEX SPOT has successfully launched its 15-minute product on the German Intraday Market. It allows the exchange members to better take into account the fluctuations of wind power productions over one hour and to balance accordingly their portfolios on the exchange.

Until now, the smallest time periods traded on the German Intraday Market were hours. Due to the growing influx of renewable energy in Germany, the production of power varies more and more within one hour.

Renewable energy producers as well as Transmission System Operators, selling most of the power from renewable energy sources in Germany on the spot exchange, are therefore in need of more flexible instruments. By introducing 15-minute contracts, EPEX SPOT contributes to facilitate the German energy transition.

15-minute contracts also allow a better handling of consumption fluctuations, as is the case in the morning and in the evening. In so doing, the new product helps to optimise grid stability.

The new product was developed following a demand by the members of the exchange. It is cleared by the European Commodity Clearing AG (ECC), which provides settlement and physical fulfillment.

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