E.ON have received permission from the authorities in Kassel to expand the Waldeck 2 pumped storage power station in Edertal/Hemfurth, Germany. The permit mainly concerns the construction of another underground power station cavern with a 300 MW pump turbine.

The envisaged plant will for the first time feature an asynchronous generator on a scale unprecedented in a hydroelectric station. This generator will allow a very flexible plant operation. The project entails investments amounting to around $328M. A final investment decision is to be taken in 2012.

“Pumped storage power stations can efficiently store surplus energy and are thus an excellent partner for integrating intermittent renewable energy supply. Such plants are an important building block of future energy supply,” said Dr. Ingo Luge, who is responsible for the E.ON Group’s business in Germany. “We are pleased to receive the permission and would like to thank the responsible authorities for the constructive cooperation at all times,” Luge added.

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