E.ON to build 360 CHP packaged systems in Germany

Utility giant E.ON plans to spend around EUR23 million (US$33 million) to install over 360 packaged cogeneration systems in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern by 2020.

The systems are designed so that they meet basic heat and hot water needs on the spot. The electricity simultaneously generated can also be used there or fed into the public grid.

E.ON predicts that decentralised energy production will play a substantial part in the transformation of energy supply in Germany and that if it proves possible to centrally coordinate the output of distributed units, the packaged cogeneration systems could help to offset the fluctuations in power from renewable energy sources.

Remote activation of some cogeneration systems via a data link is already possible.

Most of the packaged cogeneration systems are smaller units with an electrical capacity between 5 kW and 50 kW. With special soundproofing they are particularly suitable for use in multi-family buildings.

All units together can produce about 70,000 MWh of electricity per annum.

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