E.ON pledges significant investment in distributed generation

E.ON (FWB:à‚ EOAN) is expanding its distributed generation business, with particular focus on cogeneration and biomass-fired units, as it believes the investment to be crucial to Germany‘s energy transformation.

At the launch of E.ON Deutschland this week, Dr Ingo Luge outlined how the companies distributed generation businesses, sales and network would be coordinated from the group’s offices in Essen.
Dr Ingo Luge
à‚  In distributed generation, E.ON Deutschland’s heating subsidiaries already operate more than 4,000 power and heat generating units. These include nearly 30 biomass fired units and 400 cogeneration units, which range from small units to large combined-cycle gas turbines that supply industrial enterprises.

The company believes this provides them with a à‚ platform for further growth in distributed generation, and make a significant contribution to Germany’s energiewende.

à‚  E.ON Deutschland is to focus its regional supply business on its four largest regional utilities: E.ON Avacon, E.ON Bayern, E.ON edis, and E.ON Hanse.

Over the next three years, these four regional utilities will invest a total of more than €0.5bn in smart, robust, and efficient energy networks.

Its four large regional utilities alone plan to invest about €55m ($69.2bn) in distributed generation in 2012 – nearly 60 per cent more than last year. A further increase in investments is planned for 2013.

“By enlarging our networks, expanding distributed generation, and strengthening our sales business, we want to continue to make an important contribution to the E.ON Group’s earnings performance and also play our part in transforming Germany’s energy system,” said Ingo Luge, who oversees E.ON’s business in Germany. “To ensure that we achieve these objectives, we intend to pool our strengths, establish an even more efficient setup, and enhance our innovation and investment strength”

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