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English water treatment plant gets $1.6m CHP injection

Southern Waterࢀ™s wastewater treatment plant at Ford on the south coast of England is investing $1.6m in installing a combined heat and power plant in order to produce renewable energy from biogas.

Power and heat from the plant will be supplied to the works at Ford near Littlehampton, with any surplus energy exported to the National Grid.

Wastewater treatment plant
The Littlehampton news reports that as well as generating electricity, the CHP plant also recovers heat from the engine and exhaust systems via water from heat exchangers. This water is then used to warm the treatment tanks, helping speed up the bacterial digestion of the waste.

The company is spending millions of pounds on schemes to limit its carbon footprint and become more energy efficient, with a target of generating 20 per cent of its energy usage from renewable sources by 2020.

The installation at Ford, which is being carried out by Southern Water supplier Cogenco, is expected to be completed by March, 2013.

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