Eneria and Xylowatt to co-operate on biomass CHP

Belgian biomass company Xylowatt and French renewables specialist Eneria are to work together in developing biomass combined heat and power.

Several projects are already in the research phase, including a €20m ($27m) 5 MWe facility in the Vosges. The Eneria demonstration facility in Moissannesis, France, is also equipped with a Xylowatt gasifier.

Biomass-fuelled generation is soaring in Europe, doubling in the five years to 2006 and set for a five-fold increase in the next 20 years, according to the European Energy Agency. à‚ 

Xylowatt claims to have solved the issue of tar in gas, which had stifled this branch of biomass generation.

“I noticed that the composition of the gas was constant and that it was leaving the gasifier with a very low tar level,” said Philippe Daverat, former CEO of Eneria during a recent visit to a Xylowatt facility in Belgium.

“The carburetion line, just like the cylinder heads or combustion chambers are very clean.”

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