Enel commences mini-biomass plant for Italian eyewear specialists

Italy’s Enel Energia has begun construction of a combined cooling, heat and power, or CCHP, mini-biomass plant, which will serve a luxury eyewear facility.

The plant, at the Luxottica factory in Agordo, in the Veneto region of northern Italy will have a capacity of 199 kWe, and be able to meet almost the entire heating and cooling requirements of the facility, as well as part of its electricity needs, meaning that, for the first time, eyeglasses will be produced using renewable energy.
Luxxotica Agordo
The plant will use solid biomass from the local area, such as woodchips, clippings and pruning by-products. Unione Montana and the municipality of Agordo, located in the heart of the Dolomiti National Park, will contribute to the project by involving local resources and businesses, with biomass of a certified quality being supplied solely by local producers and those of the communities within a 30-40 km radius.

The innovative plant is part of a broader Enel Energia project that encourages the spread throughout Italy of a network of CHP/CCHP mini-biomass plants fuelled by local resources. The heat generated will be sold at low cost to local businesses, thereby helping them to save costs and produce lower CO2 emissions than with traditional fossil fuels.

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