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EnBW Secures Local Power Deals Under New Regime

July 25 2002 – Utility EnBW is due to win a two-year power supply contract to a group of districts and localities in its south-west German core region worth Euros76 million ($75.17m), the buyers said on Wednesday.

The region’s dominant supplier won the deal only after the public sector group held a joint Europe-wide tender and against competition from 20 other bidders, it said.

“EnBW submitted the most economic bid…the contract will be awarded in early August,” GT Service managing director Walter Gorhan told Reuters from Stuttgart in Baden-Wuerttemberg state.

Of the state’s 1100 administrative entities, around 500 representing 25 000 points of power consumption – such as city halls, sewage plants, local facilities – participated in the joint bidding.

“We aim to hold these tenders on an annual basis in the future, and to include gas if competition in that sector improves,” Gorhan said.

He declined to give price details. One significant part of the 960m kWh package is the supply of exclusively renewable power to some 60 localities, the first tender of this type in Germany, Gorhan said.

Their preference, especially for hydro-power, stemmed from their geographic location near the river Rhine with its many small river-based power stations, which they aimed to support.

EnBW won this part of the deal in co-operation with Swiss generators Kraftwerk Laufenburg and Kraftuebertragungswerke Rheinfelden.