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Dong chief predicts UK will become wind world leader

Christian Skakkbaek, vice president of Danish energy giant Dong, has predicted that the UK will overtake Denmark as the global leader on wind power.

He said that Dong saw such potential in the UK that it was investigating setting up several operations centres in Britain.

And he added that to meet its renewable energy targets, the UK needed to ramp-up turbine generation and change its approach to wind farm planning.

“We need to industrialise. We cannot carry on with a farm-by-farm basis,” he said.

Skakkbaek was speaking at an energy debate at the Labour Party Annual Conference in Liverpool, where the UK’s shadow energy minister, Huw Irranca-Davies, said that Britain was “wind ready à‚­” we are ready to go”.

He said wind power was “competitive on costs, tried and tested, market ready and deliverable”.

He added that wind power could be made more attractive if manufacturing companies were rewarded for basing themselves in the UK, and also called for the establishment of “a small, expert-led group to tell ministers what is the best, most cost-effective way to go forward” on renewable energy.