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Distributed generation promising in Brazil

Distributed generation, and in particular on-site solar photovoltaic power, is set for a boost, according to recent comments from the country’s government.

Brazilian minister of mines and energy Fernando Coelho Filho announced that DG had an important role to play in driving solar PV across the country and Rodrigo Sauaia, the director ofil’s solar industry association (Absolar), told PV Tech website there were indeed positive signals coming from government. Braz
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Our expectation is that the new ministry will take charge of the proGD programme that was brought in last year, which encouraged consumers to generate their own power from renewable energy sources, with a particular emphasis on solar.”

“This is important news because when we had the recent ministerial change in government, the proGD programme was in an uncertain position. The signal is that the new secretaries and the new minister are accelerating the development of the DG and our expectation is that by the end of the year we will have some announcement about propositions or recommendations for this segment.”

Sauaia said virtual net and community net metering would help spur growth in the sector.

“Furthermore, we have DG auctions. The auctions will involve contracts directly with the distribution companies, which can buy distributed energy from a PV project to supply part of their electricity demand in the area they serve.”

“This is an important moment for developers and investors to keep a close eye on Brazil as new opportunities may arise in the short term.”