10 February 2010 – Dalkia has been selected for seven projects as part of the French government’s third call for tenders for CHP plants fired by biomass. The projects will enable more than 570,000 tonnes of biomass to be recovered annually, mainly in the form of forest residue, and the total electricity generating capacity will be close to 60 MW.
Dalkia is to build, provide with feedstock and operate seven new biomass-fired CHP plants that will supply renewable heat to district heating networks and generate electricity.
The biggest of the plants, which will have a capacity of 10 MW of electricity and 33 MW of heat, will be connected to the Rennes district heating network and will heat over 15,000 housing units.
Six other plants, with electricity capacities ranging from 7.5 MW to 10 MW, will supply the existing district heating networks in Strasbourg, Orléans, Tours, Angers, Lens and Limoges.
The plants will provide 82,500 equivalent housing units with green heat at competitive prices, says Dalkia, as heating networks using renewable energy sources for over 50% of feedstock benefit from the lower value-added tax rate of 5.5%.
Dalkia believes that use in heating networks are the best way of introducing green heat, especially biomass, into cities and of enabling France to meet the ambitious targets it has set itself under the Grenelle Environment Forum.
More than three-quarters of the 570,000 tonnes of biomass that will feed the seven new plants will come directly from forests, in line with Dalkia’s feedstock strategy. Feedstock provision will be organized in partnership with local forestry participants, including landowners, logging companies and forestry maintenance companies.