Dalkia’s specialist small-scale CHP division in the UK, Cogenco has seen a sales boost through the sale of four CHP units to Cannington Cold Stores’ Bridgwater site in Somerset.
The biogas-fuelled solution will help the chilled storage company improve its environmental impact.
The four 342 kWe CHP units provide electricity by burning biogas derived from waste food from the site through an anaerobic digester.
Surplus electricity is exported to the grid, earning Cannington Cold Stores Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) under the UK scheme to encourage generation from renewables.
Heat from the units is used to feed the digesters to run the biogas generation process. Around 1500 tonnes of carbon dioxide should be saved annually, says Dalkia.
Cannington Cold Stores serves a number of food producers by storing and stock managing a range of foodstuffs including cheese, fruit, fruit juices and meat. The food is then packed and distributed across the UK and Europe.
The family-owned business provides frozen, chilled and ambient storage down to -25°C.
The energy demand in maintaining these temperatures across such a large site means that Cannington Cold Stores needed to look at an on-site solution to improve its carbon emissions but also cut energy costs.
To date Dalkia’s input has helped the company to save £152,500 (US$242,580).
The approach developed by Dalkia and based on its other biogas CHP applications means that the technology could be used at other cold store sites – there are around 200 similarly-sized cold stores in the UK, with a further 1800 smaller sites, adds Dalkia.
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