Czech solar power plant installation third highest in EU in 2010

The Czech Republic’s installed output of new photovoltaic plants was the third highest in the EU and topped 1 GW, according to state media.
The Czech News Agency reports only Italy and in particular Germany got ahead of the Czech Republic. The output of their newly built photovoltaic power plants reached nearly 7 GW.
The Czech Republic is fourth in Europe in total installed capacity of solar power plants. Energy Regulatory Office data show that photovoltaic plants with total output at 1820 MW were connected to the grid and got a licence last year, according to Steel Guru.
However, the Czech government has reacted to the huge boom in solar energy and the subsequent rise in power prices by introducing a 26 per cent tax on energy from solar power plants, higher fees for the use of farmland for building photovoltaic plants, as well as cuts to its extraordinarily generous feed-in tariffs.
The purchasing price of electricity from solar power plants with output above 100 kW connected from January 2011 has been cut by over a half, from last year’s CZK12 150 ($682) to CZK5500 per MWh. Plants with a capacity of 30-100 kW will now receive CZK5900.
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