Croatian state utility makes $38m CHP investment

HEP will invest over $38 million in the construction of biomass-fired units at its thermal power plants Sisak and Osijek, which began in January this year.HEP Croatia

Local media site have reported that the two woodchip-fired combined heat and power plants (CHP) should be completed and commissioned in 2017.

The Croatian state-owned energy utility’s biomass-fired unit in Osijek will also provide technological steam to fuel industrial manufacturing in the surrounding townland.

According to earlier reports, the Osijek CHP will have annual electricity production of 16,500 MWh, industrial steam production of 32,400 t and thermal energy production of 53,200 MWh, while CHP Sisak will have an electricity output capacity of 3 MW and a heating power capacity of 10 MW.

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