Croatian city heats up with new biomass plant

A new biomass-fired plant is to deliver power and heat to the Croatian city of Babina Creda.

Metso BFBScheduled to come online in 2015, the plant will be supplied by Metso’s Pulp, Paper and Power business for customer Uni Viridas. Turnkey delivery will include a boiler island, turbine and buildings as well as installation and construction works. The bubbling fluidised bed combustion boiler can use a wide range of fuels, from dry wood to high-moisture forest residues, sludge and even solid recovered fuels, Metso said.

The plant will have a power output of 9.7 MW and a heat output of 10 MW. The electricity will be distributed to the local grid and the heat will be used in a wood pellet factory, other industrial facilities and nearby greenhouses.

This project represents Metso’s first Croatian power plant that uses local renewable fuels, said Jorma Lehtoviita, vice president, Heat and Power at Metso’s Pulp, Paper and Power division.

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