Cork sugar beet to fuel Northern Ireland renewable energy

EcoBeet, a renewable energy company based in Cork, Ireland has signed up over 250 farmers on contract in an effort to set up a new renewable energy source for companies in Northern Ireland.

Twenty-five have signed up to 25-year contracts with over 1,000 acres secured already.

Sugar biogas plant

Plans are already in development to build a 5 MW plant that will yield biogas from sugar and fodder beet, a yield that is much higher than conventional plants used for energy extraction, reports the Cork Independent.

Managing Director of EcoBeet, Micheàƒ¡l Cullinane is adamant that the plant has the potential to create 500 jobs in construction over 12 months and 35 following construction of theà‚ Digester, the machinery used in the process. The leftover pellets following the process, known as Anaerobic Digestion, can then be used for fertilizer.

Micheàƒ¡l stressed that orders are already coming in and the move is a positive one for farmers in the industry.

The motive for setting up this type of business stems from Northern Ireland companies continuously looking for new options in renewable energy, with various grants available in the North. EcoBeet is working on behalf on Northern company EcoVenti.

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