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Consultancy to assist Scottish biomass plant development

Atmos Consulting, have been appointed to provide planning consultancy services to support plans for a à‚£70 million 19.8 MWe biomass generating plant in Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland being brought forward by sustainable energy developers Sainc Energy Limited.à‚ 

Waste heat from the plant (in the region of 50 MW) will be used to provide heating for up to 30,000 homes.
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The environmental consultancy’s operations director Jean Curran said: “We are delighted to be working with Sainc Energy and their partners on this project.à‚  Biomass is an important source of renewable energy using material derived from living, or recently living organisms such as wood, plants and animal waste to generate electricity. In Q4 2015, electricity generation from biomass provided 7% of the UK’s overall renewable energy production.”

The Glenrothes project will predominantly use waste from wood chips. The remaining feedstock will be sourced from construction, demolition and civic amenities sites as well as packaging, further reducing the plant’s overall carbon footprint.