Cogenra to build cogen facility for Facebook

Cogenra is to build a solar cogeneration system at social networking company Facebook’s new headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

With dual energy production of heat and power, the installation will be a rooftop feature of Facebook’s renovated fitness centre.à‚ à¢€¨à¢€¨With returns expected in less than five years, Facebook’s solar cogeneration will be far more powerful than traditional PV panels, and in addition to onsite electricity production the solar cogen system willà‚ displace more than 60% of the building’s natural gas needs.

Facebook also plans to build a new data centre in Sweden, a location it picked because of the climate and its access to hydroelectric power.

The centre will be deliberately situated close to a source of hydroelectric power in Lulea, a town on the edge of the Arctic Circle, because the cold climate will help keep servers at optimum temperature without the use of powered cooling systems. The facility will use 120 MW of energy per year and will operate using 100% renewables.

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