Cogeneration installed at AD facility in Scotland

Wolf Power Systems has installed a 550 kW cogeneration plant at an on-farm anaerobic digestion facility in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Waste Management World reports that the German Combined Heat & Power (CHP) firm stated the CHP plant will generate energy from waste at John Rennie & Sons’ arable and pig farm in Turriff, exporting around 500 kW to the grid.
Wolf Power
The expected output is 550 kW, of which 500 kW is exported to the national grid. The rest is used to run the facility.

The company added that the CHP also produces a lot of hot water, which is used to keep the digester at a constant 40à‚°C.

Some of the hot water is also used by an on-site pasteurisation plant, which heats up the digestate to over 70à‚°C and thereby kills any pathogens which may have been in the animal by-products or food waste. The digestate can then replace mineral fertilisers.

Andrew Rennie, managing director at John Rennie & Sons added: “I think it is great that we can take the energy out of the waste streams, put it through the CHP and clean the digestate up again with its own energy and still be left with a good, clean and nutritious fertiliser to grow next year’s crops.”

“By doing this we have managed to reduce our fertiliser bill by 90% and have gone carbon neutral,” he concluded.

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