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Cofely wins O&M and energy management contract for Syngenta’s CHP

Cofely, a GDF SUEZ company, has won a six year contract with Syngenta Ltd to operate and maintain the company’s combined cycle Combined Heat and Power (CHP) energy centre at its Huddersfield manufacturing centre.

The contract also includes energy metering and management.

Syngenta’s Huddersfield facility employs around 300 people and manufactures a range of crop protection chemicals for use in the UK and overseas.

The company has a strong commitment to reducing its impact on the environment and energy efficiency is a key element of this. Consequently, the operation and maintenance of the energy centre, and associated energy management, is important for both operational and sustainability reasons.

The energy centre meets all of the site’s steam and electrical power requirements and comprises a 6 MW gas turbine, a steam raising waste heat boiler capable of generating 60 tonne/hr steam, a stand-by boiler and a range of associated plant and services.

Cofely will maintain a team of seven staff on site to deal with preventative and reactive maintenance, along with energy monitoring and management.

Paul Rawson, Managing Director of Cofely Industrial Energy Services, commented: “We are delighted to have won this contract with Syngenta, which will benefit from our extensive experience of operating and maintaining large scale energy centres. We look forward to working with Syngenta in developing the system further and potentially integrating additional low carbon technologies in the future.”

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