Xergi SAS is set to supply a biogas plant that produces both heat and power to the French bioenergy company META-BIO Energies in Bel-Air de Combrée in western France.

The new biogas plant will have an annual process capacity of 23,000 tonnes of biomass, primarily from the food industry, as well as the agriculture and municipal waste sector. Facilities for receiving all kinds of biomass will be installed, and the plant will be fitted with a Xergi unit specially designed to homogenize and pasteurize biomass.

Energy will be produced using a gas engine with a 1 MW output, corresponding to the energy consumed by approximately 4000 people.

The green electricity will be sold to the French utility Electricite de France, while the hot water produced when cooling the engine will be used by a local company.

The production of green electricity and heat means that the plant will ensure a reduction in annual carbon emissions of 1400 tonnes.

Construction work began last month and the plant is expected to be operational by the end of this year.

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