CEZ buys out Czech CHP group

Czech utility company CEZ Group has signed a contract for the purchase of 100% of the shares of the company Czech Heat, a. s., which owns a biomass-fired combined heat and power station in Jindà…â„¢ichà…¯v Hradec.

The heat produced by the station is supplied mainly to central distribution systems of the town of Jindà…â„¢ichà…¯v Hradec.

The Jindà…â„¢ichà…¯v Hradec project started operation in November 2008 and produces more than 30 GWhe annually, it supplies heat through a hot water pipeline to the central distribution system belonging to the company Teplospol, a. s., and the heat production covers around 35% of heat consumption in the town.

In addition, the plant supplies heat and hot water directly to approximately 200 households in the housing estates of Jitka and Bobelovka.

The transaction price and other terms have not been disclosed.

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