Canadian sewage gas CHP project to go live

The Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Centre is set to begin supplying energy to British Columbia’s energy grid within the next two months.

The C$2.95m ($2.98m) cogeneration project generating electricity from waste gases at a sewage treatment plant is one of the first of its kind in Canada at a facility of its size.

Completing the cogeneration project coincides with the construction of a new $7.8m digester at the facility, adding to two digesters already operating at the site.

The facility is expected to produce about 335 kW of power from sewage gas, enough for more than 300 homes.

The facility uses a chemically enhanced primary process to remove sufficient solids (sludge) to meet effluent criteria.

The sludge generated from the wastewater at the facility produces biogas ” about 60% methane and 40% carbon dioxideà‚ ” which had been used to fuel boilers and heat buildings only at the site, while the excess was flared in a waste gas burner.

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