One of the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh potatoes, Greenvale AP, has been given the go-ahead needed to generate energy from wind at its site in Cambridgeshire.

Planning permission for the single 2 MW wind turbine has recently been granted by Fenland District Council. The turbine will supply the site with stable-priced electricity for the long-term future benefit of the Greenvale business. reports that the commercial-scale wind project is being developed by on-site renewables specialist Wind Direct, which has taken the site through planning and will now go on to fund, install and operate the project on behalf of Greenvale.

With a high energy usage and over 300 people employed at the site, the Greenvale project is ideally placed to benefit from on-site generation.

Construction at the March site is likely to commence towards the end of 2012.

Frances Karki, Chief Operating Officer for Wind Direct said: “Greenvale is committed to carbon reduction and the wind turbine will further demonstrate their level of commitment to customers and suppliers alike.

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