Biomass on-site heating offers commercial cost benefits

Businesses and public sector organizations could benefit by switching from oil, gas and electric heating to biomass, according to Biomass Heating, A Practical Guide, published by the UK’s Carbon Trust.

The report says that biomass heating offers most significant cost savings in parts of the UK which are not currently on the gas grid. It concludes that the most cost-effective carbon savings can be achieved with small to medium-scale biomass applications of 100 kWth-3 MWth. For example, the Carbon Trust says, using wood or straw can provide cost savings of 2-4 p/kWh (US cent ) relative to use of heating oil. A biomass system generating 1600 MWh of heat, for say a school, could therefore save up to à‚£50,000 ($30,000) per year on fuel costs relative to an existing oil-based heating system. The costs of biomass fuels also tend to be much less volatile than fossil fuels.

Mark Williamson, director of Innovations at the Carbon Trust, explains: ‘We’ve become so reliant on oil, gas and electricity that many businesses just aren’t aware of the cost and carbon benefits of turning to biomass for their heating supply.’

To download a copy of the guide see:

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