Biomass heating plant for a Finnish city

Local engine manufacturer Wärtsilä has been awarded the contract to supply the Finnish energy company Haapajàƒ¤rven Làƒ¤mpàƒ¶ Oy with a biomass heating plant. The contract specifies a ‘Wàƒ¤rtsilBioEnergy 7’ unit to be delivered to Haapajàƒ¤rvi as an EPC delivery, excluding ground works. Handover to the customer is scheduled for September 2008.

The output of the BioEnergy plant is 7 MWth, with a reserve oil boiler of 8 MWth that will cover possible peaks in heating demand.

The plant will produce heat for the Hasa sawmill in Haapajàƒ¤rvi, as well as for the 8000 inhabitant city of Haapajàƒ¤rvi, located in the middle of Finland. The fuel will be local wood residues.

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