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Biomass CHP project fuelled by whisky distillery waste

Helius Energy has secured funding to build a à‚£60.5 million (US$99 million) biomass cogeneration project in Speyside, Scotland, UK.

Solid residue, or ‘draff, from local distilleries will be taken to the site and combusted along with wood to provide up to 7.2 MW of electricity, which will be used to power up to 9000 local homes and to run and animal feed production process.

While the steam created will be used to evaporate liquid residue – or ‘pot ale’ – into a syrup, which can then be used to make animal feed.

At present, waste from Speyside’s distilleries is taken to the animal feed plant in Rothes, which burns gas to evaporate the pot ale. Helius said its project will cut out the production of about 46,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent each year.

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