8 April 2010 – Leroux & Lotz Technologies (LLT), a subsidiary of the ALTAWEST Group and one of the main suppliers of industrial boilers in France, is now offering a range of biomass boiler islands designed to meet the requirements of local authorities, private operators and industrialists in the field of CHP and heat production.
LLT covers all operations related to the design (thermal and mechanical), production, assembly and commissioning, as well as performance optimization and maintenance operations.
The company is also fully involved in the water/steam cycle.
A recognized specialist in waste heat and flame boilers using all types of fuel (solid, gaseous, fossil, municipal and industrial waste, etc), LLT offers a power range of 5 to 100 MWth, in steam and superheated water.
In a biomass boiler island, the heart of the device is the combustion system. This is designed by LLT according to the fuel and the project parameters, and is adapted to meet the needs of the industrial process and environmental constraints.
A typical ‘turnkey’ boiler island thus integrates the fuel supply, the combustion system, the boiler, the flue gas treatment system and the control command, says the company.