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Biogas to power South Korean CHP

Construction work has begun on an anaerobic digestion plant that will supply fuel for a 450 kWe biogas-fired combined heat and power (CHP) installation in South Korea.

The anaerobic digestion plant is located about 80 km north of the capital Seoul, in Gyeonggi-do province. With the digester supplied by Weltec Biopower the plant is scheduled to go live in the early summer of 2016.

The operator will supply the stainless-steel digester with its capacity of almost 4,000 m3 with 100 tons of organic waste a day, 70% of which will come from pig manure. Feedstock will be converted into biogas and fertiliser, which will be stored in two stainless-steel digestate storage units of 5590 m3 each.

Electrical power will be fed directly into the power grid whilst the heat will be used for heating the company buildings and for internal processes.