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Biogas plant wins best concept award

An anaerobic digestion facility in Piddlehinton in Dorset, UK has won a prestigious REA Organics Recycling Award after winning judges over for the overall concept category.

Weltec Biopower customer, Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd, were awarded the AD Output Award.

Weltec planned and built the facility, which was commissioned in 2012 and utilises 20,000 tons of food waste a year and generates an electrical output of 498 kilowatts per hour. The plant is fed by local authority collected food waste as well as out of date food products.
Dorset anaerobic digester
The heat generated from the process is recovered and sent via a pipeline to be used at an adjacent feed mill. Electricity generated at the Weltec plant is also fed to the neighboring mill, when this is not operational, the power is fed to the National Grid.

The digestate produced by the plant, which is in the process of gaining PAS 110 accreditation, is collected and used by local farmers. The jury of the award emphasized the innovative use of the plant’s output by local businesses.

Weltec Biopowers UK Sales Manager, Chris Jellett, commented after the award ceremony in late March in Oxfordshire “This award win for Eco Sustainable Solutions is a wonderful recognition to the team both on site and behind the scenes at Piddlehinton. Obtaining the ࢀšAD Output Award shows that we are setting the benchmark in the UK biogas market.”

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