Biogas plant to power British independent cheese maker

Wyke Farms, the UK’s largest independent cheese producer and milk processor, has received permission to build an anaerobic digester (AD) plant, with the resulting biogas used to supply electricity to its farms in Bruton, Somerset.

Wyke Farms has been planning its green energy strategy since 2005 and applied for planning permission for the AD plant in March of this year. Construction of the biogas plant is set to start immediately
Richard Clothier
The company has already invested in solar arrays on its farm buildings, so it plans to source all of its electricity from green energy sources, i.e. solar and the biogas generated from the farm and dairy waste.

“When it comes to energy sourcing, it doesn’t get more local than collecting the light off of your rooftops and using the gas digested from the manure from your cows. Add to that a commitment to re-use all of the factory wastewater and it starts to get really exciting,” says Rich Clothier, managing director at Wyke Farms.

The cheese maker is in discussions with its energy advisors to ensure that the company will be maximising its opportunity for sustainable green growth and accurately measuring results.

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