Biogas heat and power plants planned for Finland

Finnish wealth management firm, Taaleritehdas, plans to build a series of biogas heat and power plants throughout Finland, which will convert household biowaste, wastewater slurry, industrial byproducts and agricultural waste into biogas.

Over the next couple of years, the company will build five to seven plants which will cost about €90m.

Under its plans, the company will also purchase a biogas plant from Vambio, which is situated in Huittinen, western Finland, reports Bioenergy News.

The company says that over the past two years it has carried out research on the sector and discovered that there is a lack of plant capacity and capital in the country.

Once built, the facilities will process about 60,000 tonnes each, although some plants could process as much as 120,000 tonnes.

All the feedstock will be collected from a 150-200km radius and either used to produce the biogas or for generating electricity, heat or fuel.

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