US-based 2G-CENERGY has received an order for a biogas-fuelled CHP plant to be installed in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, to supply a university campus with electricity and thermal energy.
Last year, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (UWO) decided to build what is said to be the first dry fermentation anaerobic bio-digester in the US, which will convert yard and food waste into biogas to provide fuel for the CHP unit.
The 370 kW biogas system will be located on Dempsey Trail, adjacent to the Witzel Avenue Campus Service Center at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.
UWO will own and operate the biogas and cogeneration plant. The digester facility is designed by BIOFerm Energy Systems.
The plant is expected to produce over 4000 MWh of thermal energy and 3000 MWh of electricity per year to be utilized by the university, with any excess power sold to the grid.
The CHP plant will use the 2G ‘optimus’ 370BG, an optimized MAN cogeneration gas engine integrated into the 2G biogas cogeneration technology package. The plant is containerized and will be supplied as a ‘connection-ready’ module.
2G’s CHP modules have been installed at more than 1500 biogas plants around the world, says the company.
In September last year, the City of Guelph also decided to purchase a 2G natural gas-fuelled CHP system to be installed at the West End Community Center in Guelph, near Buffalo, New York.
This 400 kW CHP system was sold and will be serviced by 2G’s Canadian distributor EPS Ltd.
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