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Biogas CHP plant for MVV Energiedienstleistungen

A biogas CHP plant with a capacity of 537 kW is to be developed by Epuron GmbH for the energy service provider MVV Energiedienstleistungen.

The Oehna plant will be constructed at the start of next year in the southern part of Brandenburg, Germany, and from June 2009 will generate heat and power from corn silage, liquid pig manure and solid cow dung. The plant will be used to ferment some 5600 tonnes of corn silage, 6000 tonnes of liquid pig manure and 8000 tonnes of cow dung per year. The substrates are guaranteed over the entire term of 20 years by the co-operation partner Oehnaland Agrargesellschaft mbH. At the same time, Oehnaland will also be seeing to the technical operational management of the plant.

The electricity is to be fed into the grid while the heat generated during the process will be used by the adjacent industrial premises of the Oehnaland Agrargesellschaft agricultural society for heating its stables.

Epuron was responsible for the project planning and financing and the plant is to be constructed by the company BioConstruct from Melle. It is the third such biogas plant that Epuron has sold to the subsidiary of MVV Energie.

Moritz Bàƒ¶cking, head of project development for bio-energy at Epuron comments: ‘Particularly against the backdrop of long-term increases in the price of raw materials, energy providers will continue to look to regenerative sources of energy. In particular, the improvements in general conditions for biogas plants on account of the amended Renewable Energies Act will add to the interest in this technology.’

From 2009, the amended Renewable Energies Act (EEG) will make biogas projects up to 2 MW particularly profitable, Epuron says.