Bioenergy deals for Europe

Technology company Areva has won two contracts to build turnkey bio-energy heat and power plants in Germany and Belgium.

In a deal with utility company Evonik New Energies, Areva will construct a biogas power plant in Kirchwalsede, Germany, that will process up to 30,000 tonnes of vegetable and animal residues annually.

Using a horizontal fermenter and a post-fermenter for the biogas production, the biogas CHP facility will generate 1.43 MWe. In parallel, the heat produced will be used to power the fermenters and dry the digestates to produce fertilizer. Construction of the plant will be finalized in 2010.

Meanwhile, a consortium comprising Areva and KEM, a Danish supplier of biomass technology, is to supply a turnkey cogeneration biomass plant and wood pellet manufacturing facility in Belgium.

The power plant will produce up to 4.5 MWe and approximately 8 MWth of process steam for a belt drier at the pellet manufacturing facility.

The project is being developed on behalf of Intrinergy, a US-based renewable energy company.
The Areva share of the two projects is worth a total of €30 million.

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