WESTBOROUGH, Mass., Oct. 26, 2000—American Superconductor Corporation (Nasdaq: AMSC) announced today that its Integrated Electronics division released its first commercial power converter product, which uses state-of-the-art power electronics to control and condition electric power.

The product, which is called the PowerModule™, employs several proprietary features the company believes can create the standard for the power conversion industry.

Power converters are key components in many electric power applications, including microturbines and fuel cells for distributed generation of power, superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) for power quality and reliability, variable speed drives for electric motors, drive trains for electric vehicles, wind and solar power generators, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

“PowerModules are like building blocks that can be stacked and integrated to handle kilowatts to megawatts of power in a wide range of end use applications,” said Greg Yurek, chief executive officer of American Superconductor. “The proprietary printed circuit board design and full programmability of the PowerModule provide a level of flexibility in configuration, installation and use that we believe will make the PowerModule the undisputed standard for power converters.”

“Programmability means that our standard building block can be used in multiple power applications simply by changing the software that drives the module,” Yurek added. “Today we do this off a laptop computer – in the future we expect to do this over the Internet to meet the changing needs of our customers.”

“The introduction of this product now from our Integrated Electronics division means we can expect significant profitable revenue growth from this division starting in the June 2001 quarter,” Yurek said. “If the market develops as we expect, revenues from this business are expected to exceed $100 million within three years.”

According to analysts, the global addressable market for power converters with power ratings over 60 kilowatts currently exceeds $1 billion annually. AMSC believes its new PowerModule is the world’s highest power density, lowest-cost power converter on the market today for ratings above 60 kilowatts, the lowest power level addressed by the company’s PowerModule product line.

“AMSC is the only company with two core technologies – high temperature superconducting wires and solid-state power converters – that can revolutionize the power infrastructure,” Yurek added. “These two technologies are the optical fibers and high-speed servers of the power revolution. They are at the heart of all our efforts to improve the capacity, quality and reliability of the grid.”

Integrated Electronics
Integrated Electronics, a division of AMSC located in Milwaukee, designs and manufactures solid-state power conversion equipment. Integrated Electronics utilizes state-of-the-art silicon semiconductors such as IGBT’s, IGCT’s and power MOSFET’s to produce reliable, compact, low-cost products.

The first product offering is the PowerModule-250, a product fielded successfully in AMSC’s commercial SMES systems, and which has a power rating of 250 kilowatts. For more information, visit www.amsuper.com/powerapp.htm.

American Superconductor (AMSC)
AMSC, with headquarters in Westborough, Mass., was founded in 1987 and develops and manufactures products utilizing superconducting materials and power electronic devices for the power infrastructure.

AMSC’s web site is https://amsuper.com.