Amazon installs rooftop solar at Vegas facility

Amazon has announced its latest 1.1-megawatt solar rooftop installation in Las Vegas, its 17th such install in the US within the last 14 months.

The solar facility is sited on its North Las Vegas fulfillment center and the company says this brings them one step closer to their long-term goal of powering global operations footprint with 100 percent renewable energy.
The company has a goal to install at least 50 rooftop solar systems globally by 2020. The North Las Vegas project sits atop an 813,000 square foot roof and consists of 3,145 individual solar modulesࢀ”an array the size of 3.5 football fields.

The company says emissions avoided through this installation alone are equivalent to 3.3 million miles driven by an average gas-powered passenger car.

Amazon now has a total of 28 wind and solar energy projects across the US.

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