Agricultural CHP anaerobic digester commissioned in UK

Ynergy Limited has commissioned a combined heat and power anaerobic digestion (AD) facility in the UK that will process agricultural waste.

To complete the project, Ynergy has contracted biogas plant manufacturer PlanET Biogastechnik and generation specialist ENER-G to build the digester.

The electricity produced will be used to power the farm’s poultry houses and AD system, with a 90 per cent surplus sold to the national grid. In addition, the captured waste heat will be used on-site – displacing fuel oil and propane gas.

The CHP system will provide 250 kW of electricity and 200 kW of heat.

The project also qualifies for financial payments from the UK government’s Feed in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive programmes, providing à‚£0.14 per kW on all electricity generated and à‚£0.065 per kW for the captured heat that is used on-site.

Ynergy says that plans are also in place to convert the heating system in the farm’s broiler houses within the next few months, to utilise heat from the biogas generation process.

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