9 February 2010 – The AE&E Group, which makes up the Plant Construction Division of A-TEC Industries AG, has won an order from Australia’s second-largest sugar producer, Mackay Sugar to build a 40 MW cogeneration plant in Queensland, Australia.
The order is worth a total of about EUR60m ($82.3m). The plant, located at the Racecourse Sugar Mill in Mackay, north-east Queensland, will be fired with biomass derived from sugar production. It is scheduled for commissioning in early 2013.
The state-of-the-art cogeneration plant will generate renewable energy and steam from the combustion of bagasse – a waste product left after sugar cane has been crushed. Additional bagasse will be supplied from other mills in the group, to extend the period of operation beyond the crushing season, and any fuel shortfall will be made up with coal. Surplus steam will be used to generate electricity for sale via Australia’s renewable energy trading scheme, through a national energy retailer.  
The project will replace an outdated bagasse and coal fired boiler with a highly efficient new unit. The order is for the design, supply and installation of a cogeneration steam power plant; comprising a grate fired boiler, wet scrubber, steam turbine generator, water cooled condenser, balance of plant, electrical equipment, construction, commissioning and testing.