ADB to provide extra funding to Pakistan bagasse CHP plant

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is considering extending a $30m loan for a bagasse-based 80 MW cogeneration power plant to be built at sugar mills near Qasba Shirin, Jamaldin Wali. The total cost of the project is estimated to be $135m.

The plant will use bagasse as the primary fuel and imported coal as a secondary fuel.

The ADB said that the plant is both economically viable and environmentally friendly. The plant will generate 51.8 MW of electricity. In addition to supplying power and steam to the sugar mills, the plant will supply electricity to the national grid.

According to some estimates by experts, Pakistan has a potential to generate over 3000 MW from sugarcane production through cogeneration.

The Pakistan government has said that it believes that bagasse-based cogeneration power plants can play a significant role in improving the country’s power generation capacity.

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