Last week renewable energy monitoring, controls, and asset management providers AlsoEnergy and skytron energy announced a merger. In addition, AlsoEnergy said that it was acquiring the assets of floundering Draker and will honor and support the contracts for the 2 GW worth of solar assets that Draker had been monitoring for its customers. 

Bob Schaefer, Chief Executive Officer of AlsoEnergy explained in an interview that Draker has been under distress for a number of years and that AlsoEnergy intends to hire some of the Draker workforce while also migrating customers to the AlsoEnergy platform. 

With the combination of AlsoEnergy and Draker plus the merger with skytron, the company will now have a global footprint for software, hardware, and control solutions for solar, wind, and storage assets.

Shaefer said the move is “great for our customers” who will now be able to develop new projects anywhere in the world. AlsoEnergy has 6 GW of power monitored at more than 20,000 sites worldwide, according to the company.

The transactions create one of the largest monitoring company’s in the world. Headquarters for the new company will remain in Boulder, Colorado.