As part of a new upgrade programme, Italian combined heat and power (CHP) project developer AB has ordered 115 Jenbacher biogas engines from GE’s Distributed Power business, the company announced this week.

The J312, J316, J320 and J416 engines are to be offered to AB’s agricultural sector customers as a cost-effective alternative to upgrading existing engines at their sites. 

‘We purchased the 115 Jenbacher biogas engines from GE to provide an attractive and reliable service option to our customers in Italy during the minor overhauls for their installed gas engines,’ said AB president Angelo Baronchelli.

The company’s ‘long block’ engine replacement strategy will offer its agricultural biogas plant operators 2000 hours in downtime savings, an estimated 2700 tonnes in biomass savings and around €600,000 in additional income over 15 years, AB said.

‘Instead of overhauling a customer’s installed engine on-site, potentially causing several costly days of downtime, we now have the ability to immediately provide an alternative solution to replace the existing engine with a new ‘premium long block’ powered by one of our latest Jenbacher units,’ Baronchelli said.

He added that the long block engine offering will also improve local air quality by helping the operator reduce the need to flare off biogas during the overhaul.