A combined heat and power plant at Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, converted from coal to biomass wood pellets on Monday.
Studstrup Power Station CHP
The Studstrup Power Station is now providing green heating and electricity for the city and the surrounding area corresponding to the annual heating consumption of 225,000 residents.

Sun and Wind Energy online reports that the conversion is the biggest conversion to green energy sources in Denmark, taking over two year of intensive planning and working.

Aarhus’ Climate Plan 2016-2020 will set its next climate target, and within the heating area, the new biomass-fuelled CHP station at Lisbjerg will also come online within the next few months, supplying further green heating to Aarhus.

Studstrup Power Station will supply 50% of the green district heating annually, with biomass-fueled CHP at Lisbjerg supplying 20% on an annual basis.

The conversion, costing around DKK 1.3 billion ($193m), makes Studstrup one of the biggest biomass-fuelled power stations in the world. The plant had been run on oil and coal since debuting in 1968 until Monday’s conversion.