2G-CENERGY Power Systems Technologies, a manufacturer of high-efficiency biogas and natural gas energy conversion systems, is targeting the developing biogas market in the United States.

The company, which is jointly owned by 2G Bio-Energy Technologies in Germany and its North American management, recently concluded two deals.

EMG in Pennsylvania awarded 2G-CENERGY with an order to supply a high efficiency biogas CHP plant for its anaerobic fluidised-bed digester technology to be installed at a large brewery in New York.

While, the Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Authority located in Pontotoc, Mississippi, has decided to purchase a modern US$1.3 million 2G biogas power plant for their landfill facility.

In all, 2G’s technology has been widely utilized in Europe with more than 1500 biogas projects but the North American business is also growing with successfully commissioned plants in Washington State, Wisconsin and Ontario.

The company is in the process of installing its advanced modular CHP technologies in Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, Texas, and in Mississippi.

Additional projects in Oregon, California, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are in the pipeline, says the company.

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