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250Kw biogas plant for Croatia

Weltec Biopower is to deliver a 250 Kw biogas plant to serve a pig farm in Varazdin in northern Croatia.

Waste Management World reports that the German anaerobic digestion is to use the farm waste to fuel the processing plant in line with the farm’s cycle of food production from the liquid manure produced by around 3000 pigs.

The plant also neatly fits with Croatia’s compliance with EU climate protection goals aimed at meeting the preconditions for obtaining subsidies for decentralised energy projects in rural areas.
Weltec Biopower equipment
With these grants, and fixed feed-in tariffs for green power, the country’s government intends to increase the share of renewable energy by about 30% by 2030.

Pig breeder Dalibor Vrà„ek’s family-managed farm also has ideal conditions for establishing a synergy of animal husbandry and biogas generation, according to WMW.

In addition to the subsidy for the construction, the operator was able to base his investment decision on a fixed feed-in tariff of € 0.19 per kilowatt-hour of power fed in over the next 14 years.

According to WELTEC this income forms a solid basis for diversifying the farmer’s business.

“We expect a feed-in of 2 million kWh a year,” commented Vrà„ek. “Thus, we have created a third solid pillar besides agriculture and feed production as well as pig fattening and direct marketing.”

Biomass and biogas plants are growing in popularity in Croatia with 20 such plats and a total capacity of 21 MW already online.